Thanksgiving Memories

December 14, 2018

As a visitor to the White Mountain Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving dinner, memories of being a guest with Oma at the same Dinner event (3) years earlier reminded me of the joy it brings to so many. Oma lived at Senior Mountain Village attached to the Senior Center. Though she attended few senior activities, Oma most years, did attend the Thanksgiving dinner. Unable to do much great cooking any longer, it was her way of having family over to a special meal, a special occasion.

It wasn’t easy for Oma to take a back seat to being served rather than cooking and serving her guests. However, the staff and volunteers at the Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving dinner provided seniors, guests and all others in attendance this year and the year I was a guest with Oma, the respect, comfort and attention of being with family.

David Schlatter
David Schlatter

Owner... david media solutions

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